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TextBox like Control


You have to:
  • Implement "IControl"
    Prerequisites for "Init":
  • Accept an initialisation Text
  • Accept the usable characters
  • Accept the needed Textures (It's up to you how you arrange the Textures.)
    Prerequisites for "Draw":
  • No calcs as you already know.
  • Render the current textcontrol and text. The text offset will be the left middle.
    Prerequisites for "Update":
  • Be able to change the Value over keyboard
    Prerequistes for "State(Parameter)":
  • Return every important var. The "Text" will accord with the default state
    Prerequisites for "State":
  • Return the Text as default value for state
    Prerequisites of the property "this[string key]":
  • Use the same key definitions as in the "State" - sub
  • Be able to set the most "State"s over the same key
  • throw an error if the key is read only.
  • Call "State(Parameter)" for the "Get" part of the property
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