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Heightmap Editor

Heightmap Editor now supports Keyboard and Gamepad! By default its set to Gamepad (will change this later), to switch to Keyboard, simply hit F4. To switch back, press the Left Thumbstick.

XBox Layout:
Button Usage
Left Thumbstick Moving around
Right Thumbstick Look Around
Left Shoulder Zoom In
Right Shoulder Zoom out
Left Trigger Elevate Terrain
Right Trigger Sink Terrain
DPad Up Increase pencil size
DPad Down Decrease pencil size
Left Thumbstick Press Switch to XBox Control
Back Selection settings
Start Main menu
A Enter submenu
DPad + LTS Menu navigation
B Exit current menu

Keyboard Layout:
Key Usage
WASD Move around
Mousewheel pressed Look around with mouse
Mousewheel Zoom in and out
Left Mouse Button Elevate Terrain
Right Mouse Button Sink Terrain
Shift + Mousewheel Change pencil size
F4 Switch to Keyboard Control
R Selection settings
Tab Main Menu
Enter, Space Enter submenu
WASD, Arrows Menu navigation
Esc Exit current menu

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